-Doi Maesalong, which the villagers are ethnic Chinese Nationalist army who were refugee to Thailand Since 1949, along the way you can visit mountainside, this is beautiful scenery. Usually in the cold season the Thai Cherry trees are in full bloom and you can touch the mountain.


-General Tuan Shi Wen’s cemetery and Santikhiri victory monument's early history centered around the Golden triangle's opium trade, in which its distinctive population – the "lost army" of the Republic of China Army's 3rd Division – became involved. At the conclusion of the Chinese Civil War in 1949, some remnants of the anti-communist Kuomintang (KMT) forces refused to surrender, including the 93rd Division, led by General Tuan Shi-wen .They fought for Thailand until 1982, helping to counter the communist insurgency at the Thai frontier. In reward, the Thai government granted citizenship to most of the KMT soldiers and their families.



-Tea garden, visit and taste a different types of tea on Maesalong. So you can buy some of the local product; tea, coffee and fruit as gifts.

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